Saturday, 1 July 2017

How #GST May Impact Prices Of Goods

ItemsEarlier Rate (%)GST (%)
Perfume17.5 - 2718
Tableware - Metal1118
Revised 12% for spoons, forks, ladles, skimmers, cake servers, fish knives, tongs
Tableware - Ceramic17.518
Tableware - Wood18 and 28
Tableware - Plastic18
Kitchenware - Metal11-20.518
Revised 12% for Spoons, forks, ladles, skimmers, cake servers, fish knives, tongs
Kitchenware-Ceramic17.5 - 2718
Kitchenware-Wood18 and 28
Kitchenware-Fly ash18
X-Ray Apparatus (for medical, dental & veterinary)17.5-2712
X-Ray Apparatus28
Footwear (below Rs. 500)14.415
Footwear(above Rs. 500)14.4118
Readymade garments (below Rs. 1000)5-65
Readymade garments (above Rs. 1000)18.512
Biscuits( Less than Rs. 100/kg)11.8918
Biscuits(Above Rs. 100/kg)16.0918
Wrist watch20.6428
Baby food (sold in unit containers)7.0618
Small Cars (<4m <1200 cc petrol)25-2728+1 (cess)
Small Cars (<4m <1500 cc diesel)25-2728+3 (cess)
Mid-segment (<1500 cc)36-4028+15 (cess)
Cars with 1500 cc & larger engines41.5-44.528+15 (cess)
Vehicles for transport with 10 to 13 passenger capacity (cannot be considered as bus)39-4128+15
Motorcycles Engine >35025-3528+3 (cess)
Stationery (Plastics)11-2718
Stationery (Paper)12 and 18
Rates revised on following items from 18% to 12% - Exercise books and note books
Stationery (Pen/Fountain Pen)
Rates revised on following items from 18% to 12% - Eraser
Renewable energy devices17-185
Iron Ore17-185
Digital Cameras25-2728
Luxury items like yacht25-2728+3 (cess)
Music Instruments (Handmade)0-12.50
Music Instruments (Other than Handmade)25-2728
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Notes from EY: -These are illustration purposes only, not meant for direct implementation or reliance
-These rates are based on the best of our understanding of the applicable rates and should not be taken as an assurance of ultimate rates.
-Information as of June 20.
-EY assumes no responsibility to update for changes in after the date of the submission.


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